Mamata Banerjee can go to Hathras to meet the victim's family, he hinted


Banglahant Desk: The flames of protest against the hathras in Uttar Pradesh also spread in Bengal. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee held a protest rally at Tilottama's chest at 4 pm on Saturday to protest the atrocity. Today, the procession started from Birla constellation and ended at the foot of Gandhi statue on Mayo Road.

A small protest stage was also organized at the foot of the Gandhi statue. Several hundred grassroots members were present. Standing on that platform, the Chief Minister first said, ‘In this corona situation, for the last 6-7 months, even though I did not agree to any meeting procession, I could not remain silent on the incident in Uttar Pradesh. My mind is on that village in Uttar Pradesh. Looks like I'm going to run there now. '

From this protest platform, the Chief Minister further said in a stern voice, ‘If there is any crime anywhere, the police are informed first. If the police take action, justice is done according to the rules. But in the case of Uttar Pradesh, after the girl was tortured, the BJP government burnt her body without giving it to her family! He is not even allowed to meet anyone with his family. Tell me how to judge this again! '

A four-member delegation, including MP Derek O'Brien, visited the families of the victims of the Heathrow case. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself sent them as she could not go there. But the Chief Minister also raised his voice in protest of the injustice done to them. Even though they reached within a kilometer of the village, they were detained there. Police personnel are touching a woman! Where is the politeness! Journalists are not allowed to enter the village! Dharna is being given! '

From this day of protest, the Chief Minister spoke more in Hindi than in Bengali, so that the language of his protest spread all over India. “I went on a 28-day hunger strike in Singur a few years ago in protest of such an incident,” he said. So I will go there again, today or tomorrow. None of you will know. '