Mamata urged the government to exercise caution in lighting lamps


Banglahunt Desk: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged all the people to pray on the date, that is, on Sunday, at 8 pm, by turning off the lights of his own house and lighting a candle. Now, with the Prime Minister's request, other opposition from the left have started protesting on social media. By lighting a lamp, a candle or a flash, the Prime Minister said that she would show solidarity in the fight against Corona.

The state government is encouraging people to take precautions in lighting candles, as opposed to lighting a candle.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services has warned that lamps should be used with caution when lighting candles. This time the loose dress will not fall off. One bucket should be kept close to the water.

In addition, experts are urging not to turn off all home-run electrical appliances even when the lights are turned on. The grid can be sealed when all electrical equipment is shut down all over the country at once. Which could disrupt electricity service

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