Man boxing while dancing like Michael Jackson, can’t stop laughing after watching the video


Funny Video: शख्स ने माइकल जैक्सन की तरह नाचते हुए की बॉक्सिंग, वीडियो देख रोक नहीं पाएंगे हंसी

If Michael Jackson was a boxer then how would he do boxing?Image Credit source: Twitter/@justasterfro2

on social media these days boxer The video is becoming increasingly viral, seeing which the public is going mad with laughter. Seeing the manner in which the person has boxed, people are not able to control their laughter. In the viral clip, the man is seen dancing and boxing in the late popstar Michael Jackson’s getup. But it looks so funny Video You will also be left laughing as soon as you see it.

Imagine if Michael Jackson was a boxer, how would he box? At present, some such video has surfaced on social media, seeing which people are going gaga. In the video you can see that a man dressed like Michael Jackson is punching on a punching bag. Another person is present behind, who is probably his boxing coach. The very next moment, the man is seen practicing boxing moves with his coach. But he does it by dancing like Michael Jackson. Seeing this video, surely you too will be mesmerized.

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watch video here

This very funny and funny video has been shared on Twitter with the handle named @justasterfro2. The user has given the caption, ‘I have become giddy laughing.’ This clip of a few seconds has started creating panic on the internet since it was uploaded. The video has more than 42 lakh views so far, while the post has been liked by 54 thousand people and retweeted by 14 thousand people.

A die hard fan of Michael Jackson has commented, don’t know when people will be serious. On the other hand, another user says, Dancer or Boxer… O Bhaisaab, Yeh Banda Hai Kaun. Another user commented, This video has made my whole week not just my day. I can’t stop laughing watching this again and again.

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