Manami danced in wet clothes in the middle of the rain


BanglaHunt Desk: Monami Ghosh is a very popular face in Bengali television. People have been watching him in TV series for a long time. As such, she is also a very mature actress. But when he got some time off from work, he came back. Don't forget to share all those traveling pictures on social media.

Manami is very active on social media. From time to time he shares various pictures and videos. And now he is locked in the lockdown and he is sharing one video after another almost every day. Apart from acting, one of Manami's favorite things is dance.

There is no one left to know that Manami loves to dance. He is sharing videos of one dance after another while sitting at home. Recently, the actress posted a video again. He danced to the tune of AR Rahman's time-honored song 'Tal Se Tal Mila'.

The video shows Manami dancing in the rain on the veranda of the house. The white skirts he wore were soaked in the rain. He is dancing with his mind open in that condition. Netizens tilted their wet bodies. This video has gone viral right now. He shared this video on his Insta handle. The video has already garnered over 61,000 views.

Earlier, Manami was seen dancing to the tune of 'Genda Phul'. Then Manami won the hearts of everyone by singing. Everyone was amazed to hear the song ‘Madhaya Koi Aayasa Geet Gau Ki Arju Jagau’ in his melodious voice. The video went viral.