Manami won the hearts of the fans by singing popular Hindi songs after the dance


BanglaHunt Desk: Manami Ghosh is a very popular face in Bangla Television. People have been watching him on TV series for a long time. She is also a very busy actress. But he got a break from work after he got a break. He did not forget to share the pictures of those walks on social media.
Manami has been quite active on social media. He occasionally shares pictures and videos. The actress recently shared another video. Many know that Manami is a wonderful dance. But many did not know that he had any other qualities besides dance and acting. Manami has won the hearts of everyone by singing this time. Everyone was surprised to hear the song 'Mai koi aisa geet ga ki aarju jagau' in his sweet voice. This video has already been viewed by more than 3,000 people. Viral Manami song on social media now.

The actress was spotted dancing to the rhythm of the latest song, 'Genenda Flower', which was recently trending. Many of the dances he knows are quite skillful. He has been seen in many films for outstanding dance performances. However, this video was shot at home by Manami.
There are already over 4,000 views in this video. The netizens have filled Manami with praise. Not only this video, he has already shared many photos, videos with fans. Manami is occasionally sharing videos on her Insta handle and YouTube channel after being detained.

Right now, Manami is playing the main character, Irawati, in the 'Irbati Chupkatha' series. He started his career with 'Satkahan' in DD Bangla. Under the aegis of Manami's remarkable series, there is one under the skies, one each day of Binni rice.

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