Manipur's small, tumultuous viral video after playing great football with a crutch on one leg

Bangla Hunt Desk: It is often heard that there is a way if you want, but in reality it is very difficult to follow this simple word. People have to back down under the pressure of the situation. Many times people have had to fall back in front of the situation and there have been many such incidents in sports. Many big players have also lost to the situation and adversity.

But from birth there is a fighting spirit. The situation is compelled to give in to the indomitable zeal of the one who has survived by fighting since birth. Such an incident was seen in Manipur. Kunal, a junior player from Manipur, played football with one of his best legs and set the shelf. Within moments his video went viral across social media.

Kunal Shrestha, a resident of Imphal, the capital of Manipur state. Now he is in fourth grade. His mother said Kunal did not have a leg from birth but she never taught him to think differently from others. Kunal has grown up with the kids in the neighborhood. He has learned to ride a bicycle on his own. He loves to play football and so Kunal continues to play football with a crutch in one hand. Kunal said that at first it was difficult to keep the body in balance but gradually everything got better.