Manual vs Automatic Cars: Which makes sense to buy? Know the disadvantages and advantages


Manual vs Automatic Cars: किसे खरीदने में है समझदारी? जानें खमियां और खूबियां

Models are launched with these two transmissions in the automatic and manual market, but what is the difference between them and which one is wiser to buy? Know the flaws and advantages.

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Manual Car vs Automatic Car: Want to buy a new car? So there are some important questions related to the vehicle that you should be aware of such as manual transmission and automatic transmission. Vehicle What is the difference between Which one gives better mileage, what is the difference in price? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of both these transmissions.

What is the difference between manual vs automatic?

First of all, it is very important for you to know that what is the difference between the two? Let us explain to you in easy language.

The car that comes with manual transmission is the one in which you have to press the clutch and apply the gear, on the other hand, in the car that comes with automatic transmission, the same work is done by the mechanical parts in the car, you just have to control the race and brake. It happens.

Advantages and disadvantages should be known before buying a manual car

Whatever be the car, there is a need for attention, but there is more need for attention in a manual transmission car because according to the speed, the car driver needs to change the gear, not having the right gear at the right speed. Because of this the RPM (Revolution Per Minute) of the car starts increasing.

Talking about the advantages, manual cars cost less, these cars give better mileage and also the maintenance cost of these vehicles is also less.

Talking about the drawbacks, buying a manual transmission car requires you to adjust the clutch and gear apart from acceleration. If you want to buy a manual car and do not know how to drive a car, then you need training.

Advantages and disadvantages of automatic car

The advantage of a car that comes with an automatic transmission is that you don’t get a clutch in this car, which means you don’t have the hassle of pressing the clutch again and again, nor the hassle of changing gears.

On the other hand, if we talk about the shortcomings, then the cost of this car is more than that of a manual car and the cost of maintenance of this car is also high.

price difference

For example, the price of the manual variant of Hyundai Aura starts at Rs 6,32,500 (ex-showroom) while the automatic variant of the same car will cost Rs 8,75,499 (ex-showroom).

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