Many Hamas militants have been killed in Israel’s “death trap”, according to media reports.

BanglaHunt Desk: Israel has used the media to execute many Hamas militants. In the ongoing war with Palestine, Israel continues to attack the militant group Hamas. Meanwhile, Israeli journalists reported that the Israeli army used the media to trap Hamas militants. And that’s why so many Hamas militants have died.

Incidentally, the Israeli military issued a statement to the media saying that Israel was attacking Palestine by air and land. The statement sparked rumors that Israel had attacked Gaza by land. Several media outlets also reported that the attack had begun.

The Israeli army then made it clear that it had no troops inside the Gaza border. But by then the big media had reported that Israel had launched a land attack.

And after that rumor spread, Hamas militants hid in a tunnel. The military says Israel bombed the tunnel with 160 warplanes for 40 minutes. Heller, an Israeli media journalist, said many Hamas militants could be killed in those 40 minutes.

However, the Israeli military dismissed the news as “misleading.” But an Israeli journalist reported that Israel used the media to trap Hamas militants, and that dozens of Hamas militants had died as a result. “We did not lie,” said journalist Heller. They have cheated us. They have achieved success by cunning.