Many passenger and express trains will be canceled if normal service is resumed, middle class will be strained

Indian Railways has not yet announced exactly when the service will resume. However, it is learned that if the railway service is resumed, a lot of passenger and express trains may be canceled. Rail will soon launch a new timetable, dubbed the 'Zero Based' timetable. This will radically change the way mail and express trains operate.

According to railway sources, 360 passenger trains will be converted into express trains. Besides, 120 express trains will also be replaced by super fast trains. And as a result, the stoppage can be reduced to more than 10 thousand. According to railway sources, the guidelines will be issued only if the central government gives permission to run the railways. The new rules of the railways are almost final for now.

According to railway sources, Indian Railways will impose only 10 to 15 per cent increased user charges on 6,000 stations in India. The number of passengers will increase exponentially in the next few years. With that in mind, the railways have decided to increase passenger comfort. That is why it has been decided to charge this user

Passengers will be charged 10 to 35 rupees as user charge. In case of traveling in AC 1 room, you have to pay at least 30 rupees charge. In addition, relatives or acquaintances will have to pay extra to pick up or drop off the train. Everyone will have to pay this extra charge outside of the platform ticket.

Besides, the fare on sub-urban trains has not increased for many days. According to sources, the railways is going to increase the price of monthly train tickets soon. According to railway sources, the proposal has already been prepared. Indian Railways will increase roundabout fares with the approval of the Cabinet.