Many people know Dhoni's sister, but do you know about Mahir's great grandfather Narendra?


BanglaHunt Desk: Everyone can know the details of Dhoni's life from Dhoni's biopic “MS Dhoni The Untold Story”. Dhoni was born into a middle class family in Ranchi. Like the fathers of other middle-class families, Dhoni's father did not want his son to pursue an uncertain future in the sport, but Dhoni was always supported by his sister and his mother in cricket.

Chawla, a famous Bollywood actress, played Dhoni's biopic in the role of his sister Jayanti Gupta. The Bollywood actress has acted in famous movies like 'Tere Naam' and 'Run'. She portrayed her sister's character in a wonderful way in Dhoni's biopic. However, Dhoni's biopic was never shown to Dhoni's grandfather. In other words, his grandfather Narendra Singh Dhoni was not mentioned anywhere in Dhoni's biopic.

Dhoni has never been heard talking about his grandfather on any stage. It is learned that Dhoni's grandfather Narendra Singh Dhoni has no contact with his family. He is survived by his two children and wife. He is directly associated with local politics. Earlier he was an active member of BJP but now he is a member of Samajwadi Party. And it is because of this change of political color that Dada Narendra Singh Dhoni has not been kept in his biopic. However, whenever Dhoni has been asked, Narendra has repeatedly praised Dhoni.