Marriage could have happened a long time ago, even after printing the card, Salman was bent over for this reason at the last moment!


BanglaHunt Desk: Bollywood's nephew Salman Khan (salman khan), although involved in multiple love affairs in his long career, he could not take any of them to the point of marriage. Salman is still unmarried. But the actor was supposed to get married a long time ago. Even after printing the card, he bent down only five days ago.

Producer Sajid Nadiadwala is Salman's closest friend. Once Kapil Sharma came on the show and made such an explosive comment. According to the producer, Salman suddenly got up in 1999 to get married. Even his own bride had to be fixed. All that was needed was to find a bride for Sajid.

According to the producer, Salman's father Selim Khan's birthday is November 18. They decided to get married on the same day. In Sajid's words, “Everything was fine. Even wedding invitations were printed. Just 5-6 days before the wedding date, Salman came and said I am not in the mood to get married. ”

Even during Sajid's wedding after breaking up his marriage, Salman got up on the stage and whispered in his ear that there was a car parked outside. To run away with it. The producer's comment sparked a burst of laughter on Kapil Sharma's show. But what was the reason for the sudden change in the decision of Salman?

Once on Karan Johar's show, Salman said that he had talked about his marriage with actress Sangeeta Bijlani. But at that time, the actor was not willing to go for a 'serious relationship'. So at the last moment it was ruined.

Then one by one, Salman got involved with many actresses. Sometimes Aishwarya Rai, sometimes Katrina, sometimes Jarin Khan. One actress after another has come and gone in his life. Now it is heard that he is in a relationship with Yulia Vantur.