Marriage in lockdown: Dad played four hands without playing band


BanglaHunt Desk: The corona virus has wreaked havoc all over the world. There is also a government-announced lockdown. Every father wants to be stylishly married to his children. One such wedding took place in Rajpur (rajpur). However, because of the shadow of the coroner virus, no relatives can come home. This is why the groom, his father, his older brother were present at the wedding. They all sat at a distance of six feet. No relatives of the groom or village man participated in the marriage. Marriage in lockdown: Dad played four hands without playing band.

In the afternoon the bride left the camp for Babylon. Umesh Kumar (Umesh kumar) of Rajpur works for the sale of grain. He married his daughter Shivi (28) with Anil Kumar (son of Anil Kumar), son of Raj Misty Satyapal of Kalan in Shahjahanpur.

Anil studied at Intermediate. After the lockdown, confused and confused, Umesh and Satyapal decided that they would abide by all the lockdown rules. The wedding will not stop at night. You will marry after all the rituals. Anil, his father, elder brother Aurobind and Netra Pal went to fetch the groom. Shiva's father took full care of the social distance. They make six-foot shells each. Breakfast and meal were served after the reception. PM The marriage ceremony is performed by Ramshankar Veda Mantra. Anil and Shivir performed seven rounds. However, keeping in mind the social distance, the marriage ceremony takes place. After noon, the family's eyes were filled with tears as the girl said goodbye. Father Umesh Kumar said that he followed the rules to prevent illness. Some donations will be sent later. The ideal wedding was appreciated by everyone. Station President Jayanti Prasad Ganguly said that Umesh had already asked Kumar to maintain social distance.

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