Marriage stuck for Corona, all the money from the ceremony to worship Corona


BanglaHunt Desk: The wedding was supposed to be a function at this time. On April 4, Puja Banerjee and longtime boyfriend Kunal Verma were bound for marriage. But the coronar's thorns didn't make that possible anymore. So they donated all the money for the marriage ceremony to deal with Corona.

Pooja recently posted a picture on her Insta handle. There, he was seen playing kundal with kundal. In reference to the film, the actress said that this is the last Durgapuzo Dashemi film. He also said that they were supposed to sit in the wedding party that day. But that didn't happen anymore. However, they are now legally husband and wife, having registered a month ago.

Pooja also said that those who lost their loved ones because of the coroner and who are still fighting for their lives. He also announced that the money they used to pay for the wedding was now donating to those who were helpless.

Only after this, praise has come in the form of worship and kunal. The netizens have made a wealth of decisions for them. Fans have also congratulated the couple, as well as wishes for their next life.
The pagan and kunal had already recovered Baghdan. But after that she could not get any more time after 5 years, they were planning to get married. Pooja shared her wedding news with fans on International Women's Day.

“I want to share this big news with everyone on Women's Day. I have done all the duties of daughter, sister, girlfriend, this time to do the duty of the wife. Kunal Burma, you have completed me. It is time to make a promise to be together forever. We're about to get married. Wish you all the best. “

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