Massive financial catastrophe! Pakistan, Bangladesh cricket boards are about to leave in the dark in the future.


Due to the Corona virus, a lot of questions are emerging in the minds of the world right now. When will this dying virus depart from the earth? Will the coronation of the earth be the same as it was after leaving the earth? When will this human society lead a healthy normal life? Also, many people are asking the question: At what stage will the financial situation of different countries of the world stand after the departure of the corona virus? How much financial loss will the affected countries have to face? However, these questions cannot be answered right now. On the other hand, sports have had a profound impact on sports. Sports organizations are facing huge financial losses due to the situation at which many popular leagues around the world are suspended at the moment.

The Corona virus has a huge impact on cricket. It is thought that if the lockdown mechanism increases due to the corona virus, then many cricket boards will be completely bankrupt. The Indian Cricket Board is believed to be able to handle the financially strong cricket boards like the BCCI, Cricket Australia and England Cricket Board. But the boards like Bangladesh Cricket Board, Pakistan Cricket Board, Sri Lanka Cricket Board and West Indies Cricket Board will be in danger because of the Corona virus.

A number of cricket boards, such as Bangladesh Cricket Board's contract with sponsors and broadcasting companies, have been concluded in January, but no new contracts have been signed yet. That is why it is believed that if the cricket is closed for another six months then the Bangladesh Cricket Board will suffer a huge financial loss. There were also reports that a series of home matches were being played by the South African Cricket Board. On the other hand, there is a lot of uncertainty about the domestic league of Pakistan and the domestic league of the West Indies. In such a case, it seems that if all these cricket tournaments are not shot, then these cricket boards will suffer huge financial losses.

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