Massive protests in front of Pakistani embassy in UAE, outrage against the Imran government

BanglaHunt Desk: People around the world are now terrified by the Corona virus (COVID-19). Everyone wants to be rescued from this danger. All countries are trying their best to get rid of this crisis. But Pakistan, on the other hand, has not yet taken any proper steps to prevent the virus. The whole world is now aware of this weak side of Pakistan. It was also reluctant to bring its citizens back to China during the Pakistan crisis.

Once again that disgusting side of Pakistan was exposed to the world. Pakistani citizens are enraged at the Pakistani embassy in the UAE. These citizens started protesting to return home. Citizens claim that various citizens of Pakistan have been stuck there for 7 days to 6 months. But the Pakistani government does not want to bring them back to Pakistan. The Pakistani government and the UAE government are not taking any measures to bring them back.

On one hand, people are having trouble with the Pakistani government to bring back their relatives, and on the other hand the skies have fallen on the heads of Pakistani citizens of UAE. The news came to them that about 3,000 Pak citizens have lost their jobs because of this epidemic. The Pakistani citizens who protested outside the Pakistani embassy demanded that they be returned to Pakistan. They have only one demand from the embassy, ​​they should be sent to Pakistan as soon as possible.

But, according to the embassy, ​​a letter has been sent to the government. And if the government agrees, they will be sent to Pakistan by air. That is, so long after the transmission of the Corona virus, the Pakistani government is only making decisions, but its functional nature has not yet been revealed. The Pakistan government has said that the number of coronary attacks in Pakistan has now exceeded 3,000. And in this case, if the citizens from outside come back to Pakistan, the number of victims will increase. Which would be impossible for Pakistan to handle.

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