Matthew Hayden praises Indian government for tackling Corona, as well as bad media


Bangla Hunt Desk: Corona infection is increasing in the country. The Indian government is struggling to contain this second wave of corona. In the last 24 hours, about 3 lakh 23 thousand 123 people have been infected. More than three thousand deaths. Judging by the statistics of several days, however, the incidence of this infection is somewhat less. However, there is still no proper medical infrastructure information system across the country. Until recently, the lack of oxygen also created a crisis. At the moment, many have questioned the role of the central government. The number of doctors is low, the lack of equipment, the lack of medicine all together when the situation is in a critical situation, the role of the government is remembered by many. But Australian legend Matthew Hayden has sided with the Indian government in the opposite direction. Hayden’s relationship with India is long-standing. Not only his days playing for Australia, he also spent a long time in India for the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL.

He has been coming to India for more than a decade. Spent many memorable moments. Especially during Dhoni’s team in the IPL, he has fallen in love with the Indian fans. Now that India is fighting in a crisis situation. The left-arm cricketer then stood by the Indian government and praised him. He also took the media by storm for additional criticism.

In a long tweet from his social media account, he wrote, “I have been coming to India for more than a decade and have been to different places. I have always had respect for the leaders and officials of the government of such a large and diverse country, who have the responsibility to run this country on their shoulders. About five times the total population of Australia has already been vaccinated in India. By this, I just want to point out that the challenges facing a huge country like India should not be ignored by ignoring these statistics for any reason. ”

India has received a lot of criticism in the international media at the moment due to the rise of Corona. As a result, many are now thinking of severing ties with India. It is not possible to know any country sitting thousands of miles away. India’s population is huge, and so the challenge for them to stop Corona is much bigger. Hayden also said that his tweet was to inform the whole world about this. At one time, the Australian batsman was a major headache for the Indian bowlers. His ability to run in India by adapting to the situation also took away the minds of the Indian supporters. Once again, Matthew stood by India out of that love. It is true that in a country with a huge population like India, stopping Kovid is not an easy task. It is really difficult for any government to vaccinate 1.3 billion people at once. It is normal for a large number of people to take the time to adapt the medical infrastructure to the way it is being attacked on a daily basis. However, the death of all citizens is not desirable in any way.