Maulana Saad in big trouble! Delhi police are searching for a life sentence for involuntary manslaughter


Bangla Hunt Desk: The crime branch of the Delhi Police has added a series of involuntary killings to the FIR filed against Maulana Saad and other Maulana chiefs of Tablighi Jamaat, the Crime Branch. And because of this, other accused, including Maulana Saad, can no longer afford bail in advance. The Crime Branch sent notices to four persons, including Maulana Saad, to assist in the investigation. Six of them, including Maulana Saad, have reportedly quarantined themselves.

Now the quarantine period of Maulana Sad is over. And then Delhi police rushed to arrest Maulana Saad. The problem has worsened after the Delhi Police's involuntary murder case was filed against the Tabulig church chief, Maulana Saad. The case against Moulana, who disappeared after the Jamaat-e-Islami Correspondent in Nizamuddin's marriage, has become more serious.

The Crime Branch took action against the Maulana Saad and others under the Epidemiology Act and IPC Articles 23, 23, 28 and 120 in the case filed on March 7. All of these clauses do not fall into serious crime, and all of them are guaranteed bail.

But a senior Crime Branch official said efforts were underway to put people to death in the course of the investigation. After acquiring evidence, the Crime Branch has added Section 4 (involuntary murder case) to IPC in the FIR. Under this clause, Maulana Saad will be sentenced to at least ten years and the maximum life sentence if convicted.

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