Maulana Saad's bank account in the eyes of Crime Branch, accusations of huge funding from abroad


Bangla Hunt Desk: Prior to the event of Tablighi Markaz, Maulana Saad's bank account had a sudden increase in money transactions from abroad. The Crime Branch investigates the matter. The account is from a Delhi bank. And after receiving more money from abroad, the bank was also calling the chartered accountant of Maulana Saad asking why so much money was coming from abroad. In addition, the bank wants to meet Maulana Saad. But Maulana's CA said that Saad is a man with no names, so it is not possible to meet him. On March 7, the bank advised Saad's CA to close the transaction. Crime Branch is also now looking into Howla's connection with the funding of M ।rquez.

Maulana Saad Corona, the head of the Tabligh church, is not positive. According to sources, the report of Sadar Corona has come out negative. Along with this, it is also reported that Maulana Saad is located in the Zakir Nagar area of ​​Delhi. He is treating himself with a team of personal doctors. On the other hand, the Corona report of two relatives of Maulana Sad in Uttar Pradesh has come out positive. These two relatives also participated in the marquez.

According to sources, it will be easier to find Jamais associated with Tablig Marquez in Delhi. The information of the Jamaat is now readily available in their homes and mosques. Thousands of Delhi government teams have now gone out to search Corona infected people in every city and colony in Delhi.

The Delhi government has named the team as Corona Foot Warriors and Surveillance. There will be a team of five. Most of the local members will be on that team. Even Delhi Police personnel will be added to the team. This team will go home. Being local can easily collect information from people. Civil defense volunteers, Asha activists and Anganwadi workers will play a vital role in this team.

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