May all creation be destroyed after death, may the body be donated; Kabir Sumon, the 'singer', wrote in his will

Kabir Suman is one of the leading singers of the new genre of song that kept the Bengalis mesmerized in the nineties of the last century. But in the middle of Pujo, the singer published his wish letter. He wrote that after his death all his creations should be destroyed.

He further wrote in his handwritten will on his pad that his body should be donated for the advancement of medical science after his death. He also did not want any mourning or prayer meeting to be held after his death.

He wrote that all the manuscripts, songs, compositions, notation, recordings, hard disks and all the creation work should be called to destroy the cars of the Calcutta Municipality. He even included his own instruments in the list. “It's an insult to me,” he wrote.

The singer has also made it clear in his will that he is conscious, in a conscious state, on the basis of independent thinking and decision. He left the decision to Mrinmayi Tokdar only when he fell ill or died.

The singer did not say anything about why this will was made. However, Sumon's devoted fans think that the creation that lives in the heart of every Bengali will never get dirty.