Media will not ban taboo church issue, court clarified


BanglaHunt Desk: The Government of India has taken very good steps on coronavirus. But in the middle of Delhi, the gathering of the Nizamuddin's Tablig in Delhi made the whole matter confusing. Because thousands of Muslims gathered on this occasion. And as a result, they are alleged to have spread the virus.

But lately, the media says that the virus has spread since the tabloid mass. Many people who came to Delhi's Nizamuddin Tablig ceremony went into hiding. For them, mainly, the malaria virus spreads around. Otherwise the lockdown would have gone up long ago. So far many people have gone missing. For them, this malaria virus has spread in the country.

The tabloid gathering says the media is targeting us. They are making the media communal. Telling the CGI that the media should not do this. They should be laid bare. But the CGI says that the media should be allowed to say so. They cannot be interrupted. They have to pay in the blot. Uleman Hind's lawyer Ejaz Maqbool filed the complaint. He also filed a petition in the Supreme Court. He said that the media is spreading sectarianism.

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