Meeting between Jaish and ISI in Rawalpindi, alert issued in India

Bangla Hunt Desk: Indian security and intelligence agencies have been placed on high alert following a meeting between Maulana Abdul Rauf Asghar of Jaish-e-Mohammed and two top ISI officials in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on August 20. Media reports claim that Maulana Ammar, brother of Asghar, was also present at the meeting.

Ammar released an audio after the Balakot Hawaii attack, in which Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan was sharply criticized by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for releasing the present and threatened retaliation by the Indian Air Force for targeting Jaish's Tamil-ul-Quran madrassa.

According to sources, a senior intelligence official said that the meeting in Rawalpindi was organized by a group of Jaish Morkaz in Islamabad. At the meeting, Jaish's operational commander, Mufti Asghar Khan Kashmiri, and Kari Jarrar discussed future plans to increase the incidence of attacks in India. Sources in the security agencies said the meeting was important because they had held a meeting a month before the Pulwama attack last year.

Now the fear is that Jaish and ISI are conspiring to launch a major attack on India's sleeper cells after repeatedly failing to infiltrate militants in Jammu and Kashmir. It has also been reported that Pakistan is now blaming India's notorious criminals for attacking India. According to the report, the intelligence department, security department and police have been placed on high alert after the Pakistani conspiracy came to light. Police are searching for the notorious criminals by compiling a list.

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