Meeting with Modi Mamata, the Center will help the state


Banglahant – The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is coming to the state yesterday. Speaking at a press conference from Nabanna this afternoon, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that people have been under house arrest for two months due to Corona and the storm which has caused severe damage in two 24 parganas including Kolkata.

Speaking at a press conference in Navanne last night, Mamata Banerjee said that several lakh crores of rupees have been wasted in Bengal.

Today, Mamata Banerjee told a press conference that she was appealing to the Center for help and if the Prime Minister visited Bengal once, she would understand how much has happened in Bengal. It is learned that Narendra Modi will land at Kolkata Airport tomorrow, from where he will go to Basirhat by helicopter and hold an administrative meeting there.

It is learned that he will visit the area but it is not yet known whether there will be a representative of the state with the Prime Minister or the Chief Minister but the PMO office confirmed that Narendra Modi is coming to Kolkata yesterday.

Now let's see what the central government does for the people of the state and many are demanding that the people of Bengal get some special help from the center. Meanwhile, in the morning, Modi and Amit Shah gave the message to be by the side of the people of Bengal. Modi will be accompanied by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The meeting is to be held in Basirhat. If not, the meeting will be held at Calcutta Airport. Modi is scheduled to arrive in Kolkata at 10 am. Modi will visit the area in Oriya in the afternoon.