Mehar Bano Pics: Everything fails in front of the glamor of this Pakistani actress, comparison has been done with Urfi Javed


Mehar Bano Pics: पाकिस्तान की इस एक्ट्रेस के ग्लैमर के आगे सब फेल, उर्फी जावेद से हो चुका है कंपैरिजन

Mehar Bano Pics: Pakistani actress Mehar Bano always remains in limelight due to her fashion and style. Everyone seems to fail in front of Meher’s glamour.

Meher BanoImage Credit source: Instagram

Mehar Bano Pics: There are many stars of Pakistan whom the people of India also like a lot. Just like Bollywood movies are watched a lot in Pakistan, similarly the serials there are also watched a lot in India. Pakistan’s TV actress Meher Bano is known for her powerful performance as well as her killer looks. Meher, who has worked in serials like Bala and Mere Paas Tum Ho, has become a big name in the Pakistan industry.

Although Meher is an outspoken and bold actress. Many times she has also been trolled due to her glamorous style. It has become difficult for Pakistani actresses to wear excessively short clothes. While trolling her, people have even called her Urfi Javed. Let me tell you, Meher remains very active on social media. Her social media account is full of her beautiful and glamorous pictures. The fan following of the actress is also very good.

There are very few actresses in Pakistan who wear such glamorous clothes. Meher Bano is no less than a fashion icon for her fans. Don’t know how many girls follow her from her dressing style to her fashion sense. Meher also keeps sharing fashion tips for her fans. Although Meher Bano likes to watch Bollywood movies. During an interview, the actress has also expressed her desire to work in Bollywood films.

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Meher Bano said that she wants that there should be an artistic exchange between India and Pakistan. Mehar Bano remains in the limelight for her looks. From her personal life to the information related to her professional life, the Pakistani actress keeps sharing with her fans through social media.

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