Metro survives for a while stuck in whale's tail, accident picture goes viral on Netdunia

viral photos: ‘Who keeps Hari Mare? ‘But a metro rail in the Netherlands is not a god but a whale’s tail. The driver of a metro train lost control of the train, crashed into a station at high speed and was involved in a catastrophic accident when a ‘whale tail’ stopped the train.

This metro train was out of control in the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The train was floating in the air after passing the last station, which could cause a lot of damage. Luckily, a sculpture of a whale's tail miraculously saved the first bogie of the metro while the train was floating in the air after the D'Acars station collapsed.

It is known that this art was created 20 years ago in a park near the metro station. The giant lake of two large whales can be seen in this sculpture. One of the tails saved the metro train. The driver of the train escaped unhurt. But he was shocked. There were no passengers on the train.

Although the metro was saved in an amazing way, the person who created this sculpture had nothing in his head. Pictures of Metro avoiding accidents in this fancy way have gone viral since they were posted on Netpara.