MI vs GT: Shubmangil scored a century against Mumbai, fans said – this is amazing-ruckus-unmatched performance


MI vs GT: मुंबई के खिलाफ शुभमन  गिल ने जड़ा शतक, फैंस बोले- ये है कमाल-बवाल-बेमिसाल परफॉर्मेंस

gill memesImage Credit source: Twitter/@swatic12

IPL 2023 is moving towards its conclusion. Today, the second qualifier of this season is being played between Gujarat and Mumbai at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Gujarat. Here Mumbai captain Rohit Sharma decided to bowl first after winning the toss, but Shubman Gill appeared in a completely different mood in this match. As soon as he came on the field, he thrashed every single bowler of Mumbai with a cross hand and health.

Shubman played a blistering inning of 129 runs in 60 balls. Seeing this match, it can be said that this Shubman Gill was riding on the chariot of luck. He missed the catch in the sixth over but for this he made the Mumbai bowlers sweat with his batting. This innings of Gill won the hearts of the fans of Gujarat. #ShubmanGill is trending top on Twitter. Fans are giving their respective reactions with this hashtag.

See the reactions of the fans here

‘This is Jaikant Shikhare’

don’t even stop

didn’t even breathe

Really awesome innings bro

Gill did a great job

Today’s shift was like this

Gill’s best mode

Gill has class

next superstar

great performance

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