Mia, Tumul went viral video with boyfriend after being arrested for house arrest


BanglaHunt Desk: He left the world of pornography. Want to get married and get married this time. So slowly you find yourself in the blue picture world. Well, Mia Khalifa is saying. He once ruled with pornography in the world of porn. Mia got a different popularity for acting after the hijab.
However, his popularity has not yet declined. Or he could not read. On the one hand, the news of his marriage was flooded with happiness, as his fans were shocked to hear that Neel was quitting acting in the film. Although she did not say anything about the wedding preparations, Mia realized the fans' hearts. So sometimes he shares his own pictures and videos on social media. They are also viral.

However, Mia is now detained for striking Corona around the world. So he is spending time at home. His quarantine companion is his boyfriend and husband. Recently, Mia was seen doing a ticket challenge with him. The former blue picture model also shared the video on his Insta handle.

Needless to say, the video went viral soon after. In fact, more than 2 million views have been made in Mia's film. This video was shared by many people.

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