Migrant worker pulls a hand-made wooden car, a 6-month-pregnant wife and daughter 600 km


BanglaHunt Desk: Lockdown helplessness video is viral again. This tragic picture of migrant workers returning home has probably never been seen before. A worker from Balaghat who used to work in Hyderabad. He reached Balaghat, 700 km away, and sat in a hand-made wooden car with his 2-year-old daughter and his 6-month-pregnant wife. The worker started walking with his daughter on his lap for some distance, but due to the long journey, he made a car with pieces of wood and bamboo on the way.

A laborer named Ramu, who arrived in a small car on the road with his 2-year-old daughter and wife, reached Balagat from Hyderabad on a hot afternoon for 16 days. Soldiers with the pregnant wife saw the couple approaching the Rajegaon border in the district. The innocent girl did not even have slippers on her feet, the police gave her a biscuit and sandals to eat and then arranged a private car to her house from here. The worker said he walked when he was tired of all the requests to return home.

Nitish Varghese, SDOP, Lanji, said, “We found this worker at the Balagat border, who was walking from Hyderabad with his wife Dhanwanti.” She was accompanied by an innocent 2-year-old girl whom she dragged in a handcart and brought to this place. We gave her daughter slippers, food biscuits and drove her to a private car near the border.