Migrant workers are crossing the Jamuna at the risk of their lives! The video is viral


BanglaHunt Desk: They are fighting. Everyday life struggles have now changed to wartime situations. The only goal is to return home anyway. You have to live in any way, you have to save your future. Migrant workers are trying to do that at any cost. The third phase of lockdown is going on across the country. Shops, mills, vehicles closed due to lockdown.

Maybe they left their homes in the good old days and went to the kingdom of Vine. He tied the knot somewhere else to find work. Now everything is gone. There is no work, no house. No money in hand, no rice in stomach. Infinite road just falls in front. And at the end of that road is the house, your own house.

Pictures of migrant workers are constantly coming from all over the country. These pictures are going viral on social media. Being the victim of an accident on the road. A video has already gone viral on social media. Some people were seen crossing the river on boats carrying goods and some people were seen carrying things on their heads. Among them were women and children. The video was said in the vicinity of Saharanpur.

It was said that the video was of the river Jamuna and the people present in the video were migrant workers who were crossing the river at the risk of their lives to go to their villages. It was further said that these migrant workers were coming from Haryana from the river Jamuna.

However, when he spoke to Saharanpur District Magistrate Akhilesh Singh, he said that the video was not from Saharanpur. Although some workers are trying to come this way, all the forces are deployed in places. All the workers who are coming are being kept in Radha Swami Satyasang. From there they are being sent home by bus and train. He said he was looking into where the video came from at the moment.

It is to be noted that the migrant workers have no other option but to walk home as the vehicles are stopped. They have walked mile after mile to return home. Sometimes with children, sometimes with elderly parents, sometimes with a pregnant wife. These migrant workers are still trying to return. As seen on the Uttar Pradesh-Haryana border. The border has been sealed for lockdown. The administration will not allow the road to be crossed, so the workers were forced to take the waterway. 100 migrant workers crossed the river Jamuna. They took each other's hands. Then the human chain reached Kairana area of ​​Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh.