Mimi-Parno drunk on wild ‘Pawri’ in Goa, dance video goes viral on social media


BanglaHunt Desk: Mimi Chakraborty, an actress and Trinamool MP, is in Goa at the moment. There is also another actress Parno Mitra. The two stars flew to Goa to spend a few days off before the Assembly elections. This time Mimi and Parno in ‘Pawri’ by the sea. That video is now viral on social media.

The video shows Mimi, Parno, Mimi’s Tutu sister Ankita and actress’s stylist Sandy swaying their waists in a viral rap song composed by musician Yashraj Mukhat. Mimi was seen in a white t-shirt and black shorts. Parno is wearing a gray jumpsuit. In the caption of the video, Mimi wrote, ‘I am following the trend’.

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In fact, the recent ‘Pawri’ video has been trending on social media. Thanks to the video of Pak young Danani’s Mobin, the word and the video went viral on Netdunia. In addition, he composed the video of the young woman and made a song on the face of ‘Rashi Ben’ famous Yashraj, which brought the young woman more popularity.

Going to Goa, Mimi continues to share one picture after another on her Insta handle. However, he did not give any hint to the fans about where he went at first. However, after seeing Mimi’s recent Insta Story shots, it is known that she has gone to Goa. Mimi shared several pictures and videos from the seaside hotel.

Close friend Parno Mitra, Tutu sister Ankita and Mimi’s stylist Sandio also went on vacation with the actress. Everyone was caught on Mimi’s camera while videotaping at the restaurant. Avaldhya Parno himself said that he was going to visit Goa.

Mimi’s birthday is very recent. His birthday was on Valentine’s Week. After celebrating his birthday at home, he went on vacation. Probably after returning from Goa, Mimi will go down in the election campaign with full force. Parno, on the other hand, said the campaign had not yet begun. So Parno Mitra will return to work after the holiday.