Mimi sent Iftar items to 200 families on the lockdown, giving the message to stay by video call


BanglaHunt Desk: Actress Mimi Chakraborty (MP) again extended a helping hand to help poor people. He sent essential items for iftar to at least 200 families in the Rajpur Sonarpur area. He also spoke to them through a live video call.
Mimi had Iftar with these people from Rajpur Sonarpur area last year. But this time the situation is completely unique. It can be said that this year is different. Corona panic is going on almost all over the world. Strict ban has been imposed on leaving the house. It is absolutely inappropriate to gather at this time.

The administration has repeatedly asked this year to offer prayers and break the fast at home. Actress and Jadavpur MP Mimi Chakraborty conveyed that message to these people. He was also stuck at home due to the lockdown. So Mimi contacted those 200 families through live streaming. Help with Iftar items. He also said to be by his side when needed.
Mimi has extended a helping hand to corona before. He donated Rs 50 lakh from the MP's fund and Rs 1 lakh personally to help the Corona victims. The money has been deposited in the relief fund of the Chief Minister for setting up isolation centers and quarantine centers for corona sufferers in hospitals under Jadavpur Lok Sabha.

Besides, Mimi arranged for clothes and food for 120 specially able and HIV positive children of a foundation called Ananda Ghar in Sonarpur. Besides, the actress also took the responsibility of viral 'tea uncle' Mridul Babu on her shoulders for the rest of her life.