Mimi smiles in the face of HIV-positive children in New Year's rise


Banglahunt Desk: Mimi Chakrabarty has taken a fresh look at New Year by removing the colors of politics. Some of the HIV-positive children (helpers) came to the aid of the grassroots MP and actress from Jadavpur. Where others celebrated this first day of the year by photoshopping or in some other way, Mimi started the new year in a slightly different way.
Ananda Ghar Foundation near Govindpur of Langalberiyar in Sonarpur. On the New Year's Day, there were 120 specially able and HIV-positive children raising their support. He arranged for children's clothes and food on this day.

Despite the lockdown, the actress was able to monitor the entire Baparatai video call, even though she was not physically there. In his words, “These kids are lockdown like they were throughout their lives. So on New Year's Day, I tried to send something to them. Talking to them in the video call seemed to depend on how dependent they were. How many prisoners are living life. It's nice to have a smile on their face in the new year. “
In the video call, Mimi told the children that she would visit them when the lockdown arose. He added that this whole initiative was personal to him, with no involvement in politics.
On the first day of the new year, Mimi greeted everyone on social media. He also congratulated the doctors, health workers, cleansers, journalists and those who have been working all day to fight the coroner.

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