Mimi takes charge of 'tea cuckoo' gentleman's life Bangla Hunt


Banglahunt Desk: Mimi Chakraborty, a grassroots MP from Jadavpur, took over the life of 'Cha Kaku'. On social media, 'Tea Cuckoo' has become virtually viral. There is no netizen who does not know him. During the lockdown, he went out to drink tea and went viral. 'Shall we not drink tea? Shall we eat tea or not? ', Tea Kaku alias Mardul Babur, both of these words are a mime and a troll.
However, a few days ago, the netizens came to know about the real story of Tea Kaku through a video. It is known that the daily wage worker is gentle babu. He is the only one living in his home. Even with this lockdown, the road to employment has been closed. Mimi raised her hand when she learned of his tremendous financial hardship. Apart from sending the necessary materials, he also talked to Mridul Babu in the video call.

In this regard, the actress said, “Many people on my page tell me about him because he is a Jadavpur man. Immediately afterwards his address was searched from my office and my team went and brought the necessary goods to his house. Not just a lockdown, I will be with him in any future danger. My father's responsibility is my whole life. ” Mimi is not the only father, Mimi has taken responsibility for her son's studies.

In keeping with the word of tea, a tea packet was also given to Mimi by a gentleman. On the other hand, Tea Kaku, who received such a gift, said he would eat tea at his home on lockdown someday.

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