Mine Kohinoor diamonds more than four times larger than mine

BanglaHunt Desk: People have been fond of wearing diamond jewelery for a long time. Kohinoor is one of the best diamonds in the world. Which is currently 105 carats. Kohinoor diamonds more than four times larger were found in a mine in South Africa. If you hear the price of this 442 carat diamond, your eyes will rise to your forehead.

The Letsong Mine in Lezot, South Africa, is home to one of the world's largest and most rare diamond deposits. The price of diamonds extracted from this mine is also quite high. A few years ago, a huge diamond the size of a 910 carat golf ball was found in this mine. This time the 442 carat diamond has also been found from the Lettseng mine in Lezoto.

According to sources, the price of this diamond may be 18 million dollars or 135 crore rupees. Although the demand for small diamonds is a bit low due to the recent downturn in the jewelery market, the demand for large diamonds has not been affected at all. It is believed that this diamond can be sold at the right price.

Incidentally, the price of diamonds depends on four factors. Namely – color, fineness of cutting, clarity and how many carats of weight. The unit of purity in the case of carat gold. That is, the carat is used to indicate how much gold is 24 percent of gold. 24 carat refers to 24 percent of gold, which is 99.9 percent pure gold (which is unusable). But in the case of gemstones, carat is the unit of mass. In this case 1 carat = 0.2 g or 200 mg.

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