Mini Skirt, Deep Neck Top Tumul Dance Tele Actress, Viral Video


BanglaHunt Desk: The name chandni saha (chandni saha) is heard, but many do not understand at first. But when Dr. Neelima Debra says, many people will know at once who will be able to understand who is talking. In fact, by this name the moon is more known. He is currently one of the most popular faces in the Bengali series. Chandni has made an impression of his acting in several genres. The audience is liking him too. However, he is usually seen in the serial character of the Bengali series. Mansa, Shapala, he has caught such attention for such a long time. People are also accustomed to seeing him in this form. So suddenly the eyes of the actress saw such an incarnation of netizens.

Wear white print mini skirt, deep neck top and bandana on the head. In this incarnation, moonlight was seen. She was seen dancing with Kareena Kapoor Khan's song 'Dewan Hai Chakh'. He performed a lot of dance. He shot this video for a short time. In the caption he wrote, 'Pure mode is on'. The video has already gone viral on NetDunia. The actress's sister commented, 'Keep this mode on'.

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poo mode is on2

A post shared by chandnibindi951 (@ cha.5677) on Feb 26, 2020 at 2:52 am PST

There are already 3 likes in this video. But not just this video, Chandni shared many photos and videos before. She has been spotted wearing a backless top and sometimes has been caught in a trendy dress.

Contextually, Chandni has been seen performing several series before. He likes to play very spontaneously. Chandni is currently starring in 'Sky Blue' here.

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