Mir was angry with the people for not refusing the lockdown, and said special condemnation


BanglaHunt Desk: Coronavirus is a global scam. Panic is not going away. The number of coronary infections is increasing. The number of people affected in the country rises to 4. So far 6 people have died. Lockdown is taking place across the country. Yet people are coming out without breaking it. The social distance that was repeatedly said so far everywhere in the country!

Cricket is going on all the way from the market to the crowds in the afternoon. Sometimes playing superstition is playing down the branches and sometimes everyone is down the road. Police have taken a stick this time to turn the crowd home. Almost all the private offices are operating from home.

Just as news outlets are reading news from home, the conductor of the radios is doing the show from home. Mir is doing the show from home setup a few days. And for those who are still rising above the ban of government regulations, the sharp rebuke of Mir.

According to Mir, 'Their ears are dirty. Clean the dirt very well first. Listen to people from home to home. As i'm doing Some people disobey government guidelines and are not listening, not seeing.
Sawal Mir's side is the best middle-order. Take a look at what the 'morning man' said.

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