Missed one catch after another, Sunil Gavaskar sharply criticized the Indian fielders


Bangla Hunt Desk: Team India lost to Australia at home. However, despite losing to Australia at home, this time Virat Kohli is in a bad situation against England at home. After the first day of the first Test in Chennai, the dominance of the English batsmen continued on the second day. Jaspreet Bumrah and Ishan Sharma were able to take only eight wickets for England in 180 overs. From this it is understood that England has gradually come to dominate the Indian bowlers.

On the second day, England all-rounder Ben Stokes played a great innings of 82 runs. However, the Indian fielders are responsible for playing that innings because the Indian fielders dropped two catches to Stokes today. Rabichandran Ashwin missed his catch by bowling first. Then Cheteshwar Pujara gave life to him for the second time by missing Stokes’ catch. And as a result of this mistake of the Indian fielders, Ben Stokes left after playing a great innings of 82 runs.

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Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar has expressed some dissatisfaction with the Indian fielders for missing catches in this manner. Commenting, Sunil Gavaskar said that the batsmen should take advantage of the opportunity whenever they can. If they miss this opportunity, the batsmen get a chance to play big innings. Catch comes to the bowler right after the ball, it is very sad if such a catch is missed despite the fact that they are practiced during practice.