Mithila Palkar dances for Hollywood singer challenge, viral video at the moment


Banglahunt desk: Mithila palkar, the name of the web series Daulat has become known to many. His popularity has grown from the 'Little Things' web series. He was also seen starring in a film called Caravan.

There is nothing new about Mithila's acting skills. His sweet smile made everyone forget. And this time he dazzled the fans by dancing. Hollywood singer Jennifer Lopez took on the challenge of a viral song and danced on her own.

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Just thought I & # 039; ll stop by a story on this #SingSongSaturday. There are a few references from my & # 039; thank you, Bhau! & # 039; story, so you'll probably have to hear that one first, the link is in my bio (#subtle 2). Here's a story of Time Traveling Tape. This song that I'm struggling to sing is an old Manik Varma song that I first heard on a mixed tape. Mixed tapes in our house were cooler before everyone else knew about them. If you remember the bit about the tape recorder that Bhau got home, you & # 039; d know how he used to make everyone sing on the mic and make tapes of the recordings. During one of my treasure hunts at home, I chanced upon a tape that had a sweet but unfamiliar voice singing many old marathi songs. It was Bhau & # 039; s youngest sister, my Aatya Aaji – Kumud Aatya. I never met her because she passed away even before I was born. But this was my first rendezvous with her. I heard her sing innumerable songs on that tape. Some songs I heard for the first time (like the one in this video) and some were already my old favourites. I heard a lot of stories about her and grew fond of her even without knowing her. And what we had in common, as I learned, was the love for two things – humming all day and laughing out loud. The latter, I thought, came to me from Bhau, but perhaps I was wrong. A lot of our tapes and VCR records were converted into CDs, soon after our VCR graduated being a DVD player. Also because Bhau always liked to keep up with the times! The other day, as I did in my childhood, I started digging through some old cupboards. I found a heap of dusty old CDs that were long forgotten. I got really excited to play all of them, only to realize that now we don & # 039; t have any CD players at home! I had to find an old laptop of mine which thankfully agreed to comply. With a lot of password changes and hoping for the best, I managed to make it work. It was my grandmother & # 039; s wish to play Kumud Aatya & # 039; s CD first, and we did. That's why I was reminded of her and the song again. But I guess, it's time to transfer these gems to hard drives! Our house clearly continues to have a treasure chest and this quarantine helped me revisit my treasure hunt times.

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This is a gratitude post for a show that never fails to give! #LittleThings Thank you for all of you! Really! I can't reply individually to all that because & # 039; s how many of you have written about binging on Little Things. Some new audiences, some doing reruns. We are happy that we could help with getting a tiny bit of this excruciating and uncertain wait at which time you are holding up safely. I hope you are all staying in, staying safe and not getting out without reason. It is hard but this too shall pass! Please, please remember that we are all in this together 2 P.S .: Had to use an old picture that seemed to befitting for a #throwbackthursday! Can you guess which season and episode this picture is from? 2

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The netizens were surprised to see such a fiery body wrap in the face of the actress. He shared this video on his Insta handle. Needless to say, it went viral as soon as it was posted.

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Awkward selfies FTW! 22

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This video has already received 1 million views. Fans have filled Mithila with praise. The actress revealed that she loves to dance. But he never taught dance to a trainer like that. All that is learned is watching the video. Being locked up at home in this lockdown, Mithila has taken up the challenge of dancing.

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