‘MLA Arup Biswas is my uncle!’


BanglaHunt Desk: ‘I am the son of Swarup Biswas, the President of Tollywood Industry, MLA Arup Biswas is my uncle’! Akash Biswas used to dream of becoming an actress of one young model after another. By renting the name of the minister, the young man took money to give him a chance to act as the nephew of MLA Arup Biswas.

The accused youth opened multiple accounts on various social sites including Facebook to give top jobs to young actresses. Then they started threatening by taking big money from them. He even offered bad things to girls in the name of getting a job. At present, the fraudulent youth has been arrested by the police of Tollygunge police station.

A model came to Kolkata from Jhargram with the dream of becoming a great actress and talked to Akash Biswas on social media. By showing the temptation to become an actress and taking away 10,000 rupees from her, she can no longer be found while giving work.

When the frustrated young woman, who did not get a job, asked for a refund, Akash believed that the real form was out. By showing pictures of several girls, Akash Biswas indicates that the model is physically close in size. The young woman did not agree and threatened him, saying that they were all close to me personally. If he wants, he can 'enjoy' with that model by insisting.

As soon as the girl retorted, Akash Biswas threatened her, ‘I am the son of Swarup Biswas, the president of the Tollywood industry, MLA Arup Biswas is my uncle. If you have the power, show it in this industry. ' The girl shared on social media all the incidents that happened to her by posting screenshots and pictures of WhatsApp chats on Facebook.

As soon as the incident came to the notice of the Minister of Public Works Arup Biswas, the Minister took strict action against the cheating youth. Minister Arup Biswas filed an FIR in the name of the youth with the police. After that, the police of Toliganj police station arrested the cheating youth. An investigation is underway.