Modi government changes trade policy to stop China


BanglaHunt Desk: The second round lockdown is currently taking place across the country due to Coroner. As the lockdown progresses, the Indian economy is bleeding. Many believe that our economy is in turmoil because of China's aggressive trade. This time, the Modi government has made major changes to direct foreign investment or FDI policy to save domestic industry from China's aggressive trade policy.

No country can be invested directly in India from the imposed border. From now on, you will need the permission of the central government to invest from any neighboring state. The statement said the Union Industries and Commerce Ministry. It is known that the BJP government at the center was forced to formulate this policy to stop China.

The whole country is already stunned by the Corona virus. Every day, the share price of different companies is decreasing. In this situation, foreign companies are trying to capture the Indian market by buying and trading those shares at low prices. In the meantime, China's Central Bank or People's Bank of China has bought a lot of shares of ADFC Bank. As a result of this huge investment, more than 5 percent of ADFC's ownership is now in the hands of China's Central Bank or People's Bank of China. The Modi government has to be criticized.

Even before this rule was in place for Pakistan and Bangladesh. This time, it is necessary to invest from any neighboring state.

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