Modi government has made important decisions on cooking gas in lockdown


BanglaHunt Desk: The government has announced a relief package of Tk 1.5 billion for the poor people in the country in the wake of lockdown. Part of which is the provision of free LPG cylinders by the central government under the Ujjwala scheme. Only women registered under this scheme will get the benefit of this project. Only those whose mobile numbers are registered with the gas company have been told that they will get the benefit of the project.

Already the government has started supplying the cylinder. Under the Ujjwala project, only three LPG cylinders of 1.2 kg will be provided to the Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Yojana. Customers will receive a free cylinder every month. Those who have 5 kg cylinders will be given a total of 5 cylinders within 6 months. That is, a maximum of 5 cylinders will be free in one month.

Besides, natural gas is the lowest since the beginning of the fiscal year 2021. It has been decided to reduce the sale price of natural gas produced in the country by 20 percent. The cost of gas will reduce the amount of gas in one push. However, it is expected to reduce the income of gas producing companies like Reliance, ONGC.

The Planning and Analysis Cell (PPAC) of the Indian Ministry of Petroleum has said that the bulk of current gas production in India will now cost $ 2.5 per million British thermal units (MMBTtu) for the next six months from April. Until yesterday, the price was $ 3.23 per million British thermal units.

Contextually, the price of natural gas is set on April 1 and October 1 of each year. Natural gas is used in the production of fertilizers and electricity. It is also used in the manufacture of CNG, which is used as fuel for the vehicles. It is also supplied as cooking gas.

Besides, Indian Oil Corporation has informed that a customer will not be able to book a cylinder without a 3 day interval. That is, once a day of booking, customers can make new bookings again.

Indian Oil Corporation manager Sanjeev Singh recently said, “If you book gas cylinders this way, the entire system will be under pressure.” At the time of booking, the factory has to inform the gas cylinder for filling. And then from there the work of supplying gas cylinders started. The delivery boy then goes home and supplies cooking gas cylinders. ”

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