Modi government is not getting this benefit? See if you didn't make this fatal mistake


BanglaHunt Desk: The central government, led by Narendra Modi (narendra modi), has already decided to withdraw the extra money deposited on tax payers in order to provide financial relief to taxpayers. In this case, work has already begun in the wake of the stress. But it is not possible to carry forward the work due to non-cooperation of the common people, sources said.

The Income Tax Department said the tax payers have been mailed to the Department to correct the process. But most taxpayers did not accept the mail. So far, about 1.5 million taxpayers haven't responded to the email. As a result, their refunds are stuck.

The Income Tax Department said that if there is any problem with getting the refund money, the mail is sent to the Income Tax Department. Refund money is sent directly to the taxpayer's bank account. But in many cases, the information that the bank does not match with the income tax office is not consistent with the information submitted at the time of application. Sending verification email in this case. The taxpayer can apply online immediately with the correct information if it is incorrect. At the same time, all the information that is correct must be informed via email.

According to the Income Tax Office, 1.2 lakh taxpayers have been refunded Tk 5.25 crore in the last one week.

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