Modi government is working in the interest of the poor, said the World Bank! It also provided সাহায্য 1 billion in financial assistance


Bengali Hunt Desk: The World Bank brought great relief to India in the wake of the Corona Crisis. The World Bank has announced a িয়ন 1 billion (approximately Rs 8,500 crore) package for government activities. This is a social security package. Earlier, in the fight against Corona, the BRICS country's New Development Bank announced a বিল 1 billion emergency aid package to India.

Junei Ahmed, director of the World Bank, said the economy was sinking due to social distance. The Government of India has focused on poor welfare schemes and extended a helping hand to the poor and vulnerable. Steps are also being taken by the government to revive the economy.

The money provided by the World Bank will be used to test corona patients in the country, improve corona hospitals and build labs. The bank had earlier announced financial packages for 25 developing countries. The bank said the main purpose of the loan was to help India prevent corona infections and reduce the human, social and financial damage caused by corona.

On the other hand, the prevalence of corona virus in India is on the rise. A total of 61,960 people have been infected with the virus across India. Out of the total cases, 51,401 cases are active. 26,920 people have lost their viruses and returned home healthy. And 2,849 people have died.