Modi government may announce another big financial package after the lockdown ends


New Delhi: Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the country's financial activity has completely settled. Only essential work and service is going on. And in this situation, the central government has now started thinking of a new package. There is a continuous meeting with Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the Secretary of the Ministry and the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), and all possibilities are being scrutinized. Last week, there was a series of meetings between the finance ministry and another of the PMO's bureaucrats about the financial package.

According to a media report, 'There have been several meetings between the PMO and the finance ministry over the past week in view of the financial situation. The government is looking for different ways to compensate for the loss of the economy due to the Corona virus epidemic. ”

Government officials said the central government will take steps to deal with the situation after the lockdown. Officials said there was a lot of discussion about the package. But no final form has been given so far. He said it was important to make big decisions to move the country forward.

Officials said Sunday that the government is planning to redesign some welfare schemes and government schemes. This step may be taken to deal with the next lockdown situation. At present the central government is contemplating many alternatives. These include major decisions on scholarship, fellowship, rabi crops offered by the ministry. And the government is collecting information on these one by one.

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