Modi government oppresses Muslims with coroner opportunity: Arundhati Roy


Bangla Hunt Desk: Social activist Arundhati Roy has an old connection with provocative speech and controversy. Once again he has become the focus of controversy over his own statement. The country is now struggling with the coroner crisis, and this time Arundhati Roy's provocative speech comes to the fore. He said the government of the country is taking advantage of the coroner crisis epidemic against Muslims.

Arundhati Roy said the government was taking advantage of the corona epidemic against Muslims. He said the Modi government was suppressing Muslims with the opportunity of coronation. Arundhati Roy said in an interview on foreign TV that the use of coroners was being used to incite Hindu-Muslims. The situation in India is moving towards Muslim massacre.

After Arundhati Roy's provocative speech, he was widely condemned. Even some leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have petitioned him to file a sedition case.

The BJP has reacted strongly to Arundhati Roy's age. BJP MP Rakesh Sinha countered the attack, saying that the statement given on Arundhati Roy's foreign TV fell on the level of sedition. And he should have a sedition case against him.

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