Modi government's big announcement at midnight: shops will be opened in Pur area from Saturday


BanglaHunt Desk: Before the end of the lockdown situation in the country, the Prime Minister made a big announcement, shops will be opened in several areas. The announcement was made by the Prime Minister at midnight on Friday. In addition to essential products, several other stores may be open in different areas from Saturday. The government thinks that this will benefit the common people.

The lockdown will continue till May 3 due to the transmission of Corona virus (COVID-19). Only essential goods stores can be opened during this period, the government said. However, several areas have already been identified as red zones. There are more stringent security measures in place. But in the meantime, the number of corona cases and deaths in India is on the rise. The number of corona cases in the country has already exceeded 25,000 and the death toll has exceeded 650. In the last 24 hours, the number of newly infected people is 1652.

Meanwhile, the Center has announced that additional shops will be opened in several areas from Saturday. However, no shop in any shopping mall or complex can be opened now. However, neighborhood shops, small businesses or shops below the real estate can only be opened.

However, no more than 50 percent of the staff can be hired in these stores. However, all buyers and sellers must wear masks and adhere to social distances. However, this rule will only apply to green zone areas. The previous lockdown rule will continue in hotspot or red zone areas.

The number of healthy people with coronary heart disease is also increasing. That is why many feel that the Center has taken this decision. However, it is expected that the general public will have some solution.