Modi government's big initiative for food vendors on the sidewalk, vendors will connect online


BanglaHunt Desk: Fuchka (Panipuri), a very tempting food for people of all ages from eight to eighty. Many people made this delicious dish at home by watching Fuchka recipes online while sitting at home in Lockdown. This is great news for Fuchka lovers, Fuchka delivery will also be available online.

Fuchka delivery will match online

Swiggy is currently under contract with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. From now on, if you place an order in Suigi, you will be able to sit at home and bring Fuchka with potatoes with the help of sour water. Which will give you a lot of joy. Sitting at home, you will get a taste of the shop of your choice.

Under the Prime Minister's Special Scheme, Street Vendors Self-Reliance Project, the work has already started with about 250 Fuchka vendors from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Indore and Varanasi. Later, this online delivery will gradually spread to other cities in the country.

The deal is with Suigi

The agreement was reached through a webinar by Sanjay Kumar, joint secretary to the minister, and Rahul Bohra, chief financial officer of Suigi. Corporation commissioners from Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Indore and Varanasi also took part in the video conference.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has long ago given the message of building a self-reliant India. Accordingly, various preparations are going on for various issues. The Prime Minister has also involved small vendors in his initiative. A loan of Tk 10,000 has also been provided to roadside vendors to facilitate their business. However, if someone repays this loan ahead of time, then there are many more opportunities for him.