Modi government's mega plan to win against Corona, to jump into 26 districts of 11 states with full force


Bengali Hunt Desk: The Modi government at the Center has come up with a mega plan to deal with the corona virus epidemic. The government's plan is to attack 26 districts in 11 states with full force within the next one week. These are the districts where 80 percent of the patients are infected with corona. After formulating a special strategy for those districts, the lockdown will be gradually phased out.

Some statistics about the government's corona have brought relief. Corona virus is more prevalent in some parts of the country. Of the total 26,000 corona patients in the country, 80 per cent (about 17,000) are confined to 28 districts in 11 states. These figures have given the government the courage to decide whether to grant lockdown exemptions in other unaffected areas or less affected areas.

According to sources, permission to open a limited number of shops in all parts of the country except the cantonment area was obtained only after looking at these figures. A committee headed by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, formed by the Prime Minister, announced the lockdown after seeing the figures. Sources said there will be a few more big announcements after the second lockdown, which ends on May 3. The government will give big discounts in less affected areas.

The government's strategy is to encircle those 26 districts. The government's plan is to carry out more corona tests in those districts along with strict lockdown, and to reduce the number of infections in the affected areas after May 3. The government hopes that the number of corona patients in the country will stabilize after the first week of May.