Modi is a great leader, good news will be coming from India soon! Donald Trump said in a press message

Bangla Hunt Desk: US President Donald Trump praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call for India's help in the fight against the Coronavirus, calling him a great leader. Donald Trump talks to US media about seeking hydroxychloroquine drugs from India. “We have decided to buy millions of doses of the drug,” he said.

He said, though we still have the drug. I talk to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this drug. I ask him, will he give us this medicine? Now our hope is that India will give us this medicine soon. Donald Trump said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a great leader. India had banned the drug, keeping in mind its own needs. But my hope is that good news will come from India soon.

On the other hand, India has lifted the ban on exporting medicines to help many countries, including the United States, fighting the Coronavirus virus. And that is why India is very much appreciated internationally. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro thanked India for supplying malaria drugs hydroxychloroquine to treat coronary infections after US President Donald Trump.

Surprisingly, Brazil compared India's aid to the life-sized bouquet brought by Hanuman of Ramayana. Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro thanked him for writing a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The letter mentions India and Brazil's friendship and extending a helping hand on behalf of India.

Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro writes, “The way India is helping Brazil during the Corona virus epidemic is very similar to the Ramayana period. As Hanuman ji brought the Sanjivani boutique for Lord Ram's brother Lakshman, India did just that. “

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