Modi leads world's most influential leader in coronation, wins world's most influential leader title

Bengali Hunt Desk: The coronavirus from China is spreading around the world. The whole world is practically paralyzed by the corona virus. Developing countries like Italy and America are also thriving. One death after another is on the rise all over the world.

The corona virus has entered India as well as other countries. Because of that, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to lockdown the entire country from March 24, after calling a public curfew on March 23. Every state government works with the Prime Minister in this decision.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has risen to the top of the world rankings with 68 in terms of popularity from January 1 to April 14, according to a recent claim by US data intelligence company Morning Concert Political Intelligence. Besides Modi, US President Donald Trump and Japanese President Sijo Abe are also in the survey. According to data from that company, Donald Trump is ranked eighth with -3 points and Sizo Abe is in tenth place with -33.

In fact, for about four-and-a-half months in the United States, people were asked in this survey to find out which country and their rulers were the most influential in the fight against Corona, based on public opinion.

And there, India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi got the title of the world's most influential leader by imprinting developing countries and their leaders like Japan and America.

He took various steps across the country from the very beginning to prevent corona infection.

Although Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been the victim of various trolls centered on playing dishes and lighting candles, most of the people in the country are following his words to the letter. That is why India is far ahead of Corona in comparison to other developing countries of the world.

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