Modi-led India is the best in dealing with Corona, claims Nirmala Sitharaman

An American organization has conducted a survey to select the top ten leaders in the world and our country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken the first place there. Because Modiji got the highest number after the survey. As soon as this good news was received, the country's finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman also released a graph published by that organization. Narendra Modi has been making a lot of efforts with Corona from the very beginning. He locks down overnight to try to keep everyone healthy.
Modi announced the deployment of civilian assistance and relief to the Prime Minister through the Emergency Fund (PM-CARS) to combat the coronavirus. Besides, he is protecting the country like a vigilante.

The army, navy and the Indian Air Force and the Ministry of Defense have extended a helping hand to him. Mexico's Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is in second place with 39 points and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in third place. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is at the top of the list with 8 points. This is great news. In the case of the declining US President Donald Trump.

The survey was conducted between January 1 and April 14. And its results were revealed today. Today I am spending my days in fear of death. I don't know when Karona will get free life by breaking this curse. No one thinks that one day he will have to sit at home and die lazily for fear of death like this, or no one thinks that such a beautiful world will come to an end one day. But Modiji is trying to help the people of the country.